4 Ways Marketing Automation Can Improve Your Social Media Efforts

It seems like a new social media platform pops up every week—and social media managers are expected to make their business’s account successful on every single one. While your business doesn’t need to be active on every social platform under the sky, it’s probably still a good idea to have a solid presence on the big platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. But managing all of those can still be overwhelming if you’re posting each post, tweet, and status by hand. 

Marketing automation is the solution to every social media manager’s posting burnout. Social media requires strategy—not just off-the-cuff-posting. By adding marketing automation to your social efforts, you can build a larger following, improve engagement, and even increase sales.

What Is Marketing Automation?

It takes a lot of effort to cut through all the digital noise these days. Billions of emails, tweets, posts, slacks, and DMs are being sent across the internet every single day. Even the most internet-obsessed can barely keep up. So how do you expect potential customers to find you—and become customers—if you aren’t making every effort to reach them? 

Marketing automation takes many of the repetitive marketing tasks off of your plate so you can spend your time focusing on other lead generation efforts. This gives you a better ROI and ensures your content is being served to the right users at the right time in their customer journey. 

Discover Optimal Post Times 

You probably already know that posting on your company social media account at 3 in the morning isn’t the best time to get engagement. Knowing when your audience is active on different social platforms will help get your posts in front of their eyes during that limited window. Even though everyone’s social activity varies from day to day, your overall audience overall has similar social media habits. 

Most social media automation platforms provide helpful information on what the best time window might be for you to post to increase engagement. There are helpful guides out there that can give you a good starting point of time windows for different platforms. But try experimenting with different time frames for yourself since every audience has different social media habits. 

View Multiple Streams At Once

If you’re a social media team of one, juggling each platform can be confusing. And there are too many examples of social media managers forgetting to log out of their brand account and accidentally post something meant for their personal account to thousands of customers. 

Social media management platforms create a central hub where all of your social platform scheduling and analytics can operate. This makes jumping from platform to platform quicker and eliminates the risk of accidentally posting something on the wrong social account. If you have multiple social media clients, these platforms will be a lifesaver. 

Set Up Chatbots 

Chatbots have improved leaps and bounds in the past few years. Instead of just having a handful of unhelpful reply options, they’re now able to handle a lot more queries and help customers across almost every point of sale. 

On social media, you can create automated replies on your business accounts to provide support when you’re offline and streamline the customer buying experience. If someone asks the chatbot about your hours, you can easily program a response. Or if they have a more specific question, you can program a response that lets them know you’re looking into their query, give them an estimated timeframe for an answer, and provide them with some helpful resources in the meantime. 

Bulk Upload Posts

If you’re the type of social media manager who likes to schedule out posts for the week or month instead of hand posting each one, marketing automation platforms can automatically post on your behalf at the time you want. 

This is especially helpful for large brands who post daily content, but it’s also great for agencies who handle multiple clients’ social accounts or individual freelancers who handle the social media for a lot of different brands. 

Which Social Automation Platform Is Best?

If you’re a publisher pushing out tons of content every day, an automation platform like Social Flow is designed for that type of workflow. If you’re a team of one, platforms like Hootsuite and Sprout Social work great. Or if you’re part of an agency and will have multiple people developing social post ideas from a single account, platforms like CoSchedule makes cross-team collaboration simple. 

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