5 Ways to Add Texture to Your Home Design

You’re looking for a way to add texture to your home design but you don’t really know where to start? Look no further because we’re here to help you out! Here are five amazing tips on how to make it happen, so check them out and enjoy!

Add cute rugs to your rooms

When you want to add texture to your home, the initial step should be incorporating some cute rugs. These will complement the entire space and make it feel more inviting. The first thing you must bear in mind is the size of your room. If your bedroom is quite small and it features a large bed, you should opt for a small area rug made from wool. This is the perfect choice because every step you take will feel like walking on clouds. Just be sure to match its colour to your favourite bedding or quilt! On the other hand, bigger rooms obviously call for larger rugs. Cute tassels and fringing details are always a fantastic option as these will add a new dimension to your room. Your rug should go all the way underneath your furniture so that you never step onto a cold floor ever again!

Play with different patterns

Playing with patterns is another amazing way to add more texture to your home design. You can do it in several ways, and the first one is adding decorative cushions made from different fabrics. Canvas, cotton, denim, burlap, faux fur and leather, and polyester with detailed embroidery are fabulous options. So, pick several favourites and get a bunch of cushion covers for your living room. Or sew them on your own – why not? This is a good way to improve your interior design because any room that features multiple fabrics and patterns will inevitably feel very textural. Just make sure not to go overboard with too many patterns – especially if your space is quite small. This will make your room look very crowded and smaller than it actually is!

Complement your bed with a nice quilt

Beautiful quilts are a great way to add more texture to your bedroom, so don’t wait any longer and get a brand new one for your bed. Quilts are quite interesting simply because their style of manufacturing is very specific. This is particularly true for their top layer which is traditionally crafted from many different pieces of fabric stitched together into a more complex pattern. When it comes to quilt colour schemes, you can pick literally any colour, pattern, or style you prefer. From a mix of bright shades to more subtle, pastel tones, there certainly is a design for everyone’s taste. Even pure white quilts will do wonders for your bedroom in terms of adding texture. Such a piece will transform your bedroom into a real haven, so give it a try and you’ll see what we were talking about!

Add indoor plants to your space

Everyone knows that indoor plants have numerous health benefits, such as relieving stress and anxiety and purifying the air. But did you know that these can upgrade your entire space in an aesthetic, visually appealing way? That’s right, which is a good enough reason to add several indoor plants to your home! Start with your home office and buy the snake plant. It doesn’t require too much special attention, so all you need to do is to water it once a week.  The same goes for lucky bamboo, but be sure that the water level doesn’t sink below its stems. As for your living room, you may want a bit bigger plant that’ll flawlessly fit into your space. A dragon tree is a fantastic choice. This is a tall and spindly plant that can grow to over 10 feet. You won’t make a mistake with this one!

Choose curtains made from natural fabrics

Last but certainly not least, your curtains should definitely play a big role when it comes to your home design. Apart from being very decorative, these will add another layer of texture to your space and make it look much softer and warmer. Of course, curtains made from natural fabrics are the best option here – especially if you’re all about sustainability and eco-friendly materials. Organic cotton and linen should be your go-to choice simply because they are very lightweight and breathable. These are delicate enough to let the natural light inside while maintaining your privacy at the same time. If you don’t want to go for a natural colour palette, you can always opt for floral patterns, stripes, polka dots, or any other pattern instead. It’s all up to your preferences!

As you can see, there are so many amazing ways to add texture to your home design. Of course, these five are the best ones out there, so stick to our tips and incorporate them into your home ASAP. Trust us when we say that you won’t regret it!


Jasmine Anderson is a Sydney based lifestyle blogger and a toddler mom. She loves to spend quality time with her family, go thrifting, and spend just a little bit too much time on the internet.