10 Gift Ideas for People You Don’t Know Well

Buying presents and gifting them is a fulfilling experience. Seeing the surprised and excited look on the face of the receiver is priceless. That’s why many people try to make creative and original gifts that will make the receiver happy! However, not everyone is imaginative, and not every situation and person is the same.

Have you ever wondered what to gift to someone you don’t know very well? Whether it’s the person you see for the first time or not a close relative, buying a gift for such an opportunity can be challenging. Instead of wasting your time thinking, check out these 10 gift ideas for people you don’t know well!

1. Cute or funny coffee mug

If you’re looking for a beautiful yet practical gift for literally anyone, you can find various kinds of coffee mugs in stores and online. Depending on the event you’re attending, you can even create a personalised mug with your own mug printing machine.

They are ideal for every occasion, from birthday parties to holiday gatherings, everyone loves adorable mugs. Try matching the gift with the season. For instance, choose a winter-themed mug for a Christmas party, or a gorgeous coffee cup for a coffee lover.

2. Professional planner

Do you have an office birthday party and don’t know what to gift your colleague? You need to choose something practical yet professional to suit his or her needs. Who doesn’t love an elegant planner? Even if your co-worker has a planner already, he can always use a new addition to the collection.

Choose from professional leather planners or pick a more casual one, depending on your relationship. If you want to personalise the gift more, write the inscription on the first page.

3. Self-care products

Skin is considered to be one of our most important features. That’s why so many men and women spend time on daily skin-care routines. That’s why skin-care products make it a perfect gift for literally anyone.

Pick a facemask, moisturizer and hand cream as a starter pack. You can even add a cute, soft towel to the collection and create a lovely kit. Pro tip: choose Ph neutral products if you’re unsure what their skin type is. Make sure that the products are dermatologically tested and safe to use.

4. Potted plant

Bring some freshness inside by gifting a potted plant. As plants are getting increasingly popular in interior design, they will surely be very grateful to receive such a well-thought-out gift. Even though they might not like plants, potted herbs will refresh their space and bring it back to life.

This gift is perfect for everyone. If you want to add a personal touch, consider writing a hand-written note with directions on how to care for the plant. Even though most house plants are easy to take care of, the gift receiver will surely appreciate such an act of kindness.

5. Quality wine glasses

For elegant and posh occasions, such as garden parties or even weddings, purchasing quality wine glasses is the best choice. They are useful, practical and you can never have enough fancy wine glasses.

Whether you opt for white, red or champagne classes, consider purchasing the matching wine to go with it. On the other hand, wine glasses can be also fantastic for informal events. Create or purchase unconventional wine glasses for laughs and a good time!

6. Candy

Who doesn’t like sweets and chocolate? If you’re all out of ideas of what you can possibly gift a person you barely know, any type of chocolate, sweet mix or box of candy is the best choice! Such a gift is suitable for people of all ages, so you probably won’t go wrong with that.

In case you opt for this gift, make sure the person doesn’t have a health issue that’s preventing them from consuming sweets. It would be a true bummer if that were to happen!

7. Deck of cards or a board game

Express your originality and creativity by gifting something unexpected. A lovely deck of cards is a great gift for anyone! Whether you decide to purchase them at your local gift store, order them online or personalise the deck of cards, the receiver will surely be pleasantly surprised.

Similarly, if you have a hint, they are a board game fanatic, purchasing a new or popular board game can be a perfect choice. No matter who the gift is for, you can always choose from a wide variety of games for kids and adults!

8. Scented candles

Houses that have distinctive scent feel cosier and homier. If you want to transform their house into a home, consider purchasing a scented candle they’ll love. Ideal for housewarming parties, candles may come in various shapes and sizes.

To add a personal touch, you can make your own scented candles. Surprise your new neighbours with this unique gift and start a friendship that may last a lifetime! 

9. Custom gift

Even though you may not know the person very well, you can create a gorgeous custom gift that will leave them in awe! It can be for literally anyone. While you can choose from classic gifts for her, him, baby or Christmas, you can create your own custom gift.

Gift baskets provide you with numerous opportunities! Customise the gift however you like by adding food, drinks, cosmetics products and many more practical and gorgeous options. No one will be able to outdo such an original and unique present, and you’ll surely leave a lasting impression!

10. Classic cookie tin

Is it a cookie tin or a sewing kit? Ideal for new neighbours, birthday parties or informal events, classic cookie tin will knock the host off the feet! Besides the classic 50’s look, you’ll deliver mouth-watering cookies.

Consider baking cookies yourself. There’s nothing better than the smell and taste of homemade biscuits. On top of that, who doesn’t like cookies?! Once they are out of the way, the host can use the tin for storing precious essentials or… a sewing kit.


As you can see, buying a present for a person you don’t know well can be a fun experience. No matter what kind of gift you opt for, it’s the thought that counts. Hopefully, these ideas will help you pick a perfect gift for the occasion!