9 Chrome Extensions For SEO

If you are a marketer, you know how much SEO matters right now. People look online whenever they have to search for something, & since Google has around 90% of people across the world using it for search, marketers spend a lot of time optimizing this daily. This doesn’t just save time but also makes the process much simpler & easy.

When it comes to improving SEO, Google Chrome extensions are the most useful. They help in improving SEO strategies & see analytics of your competitors quickly. A few also let you make charts & graphs so that you can make comparisons & presentations very easily.

In other words, SEO is what you need for your business today. And to help you out, we have outlined a few chrome extensions that could benefit you in many ways.

  1. SEO Pro Extension

SEO Pro Extension has been designed to help you understand & analyze properties of websites so that you can get an easy overview of the SEO data & get the best tips on how you can improve your search engine results page rankings. Pro Extension also points out areas for your website that don’t have all the information, such as ALT tags. With the help of SEO pro extension, you should be able to analyze the websites of your competitors, get tips on how you can optimize your page by staying in the context of your industry.

  1. MozBar

MozBar is useful on page SEO toolbar that is designed to improve the research process for your team, especially when it comes to analyzing links. It also helps in ranking intelligence. By using Mozbarr, you can get SEO metrics for just about any webpage in a click or two. Its best features include checking the page & domain authority when you are searching for external links. You can break downlinks to web pages, whether they are internal or external. Alongside, MozBar helps you highlight keywords on pages & analyze how your competitors have used all of them. Breaking down the links of every page & exporting SERP analysis into separate files are also some of its best features.

  1. Grammarly

If there’s something that blog readers detest, then it’s bad writing. Grammarly’s Chrome extension is considered to be quite beneficial for writers who are into marketing. After all, it refines their writing, makes it sound professional, spots grammar issues, fixes spelling errors & highlights awkward phases. Grammarly is one of the best extensions needed for digital marketing and can do wonders for your editing. So when you are writing landing pages or blog posts & emails, Grammarly improves your writing style in many ways. From checking your grammar to spelling to conciseness, it gives you a good understanding of your tone, word choices, clarity & style of writing. However, in order to get the best benefits, it is advisable to get a premium version.

  1. Snippet

A snippet is another great Chrome extension useful for digital marketers. It can be used for a whole range of risks, especially for those marketers that highlight text snippets on the web as if it is a reference point required for source material. It could also include highlighting headlines that are needed for descriptions/ pieces of news/webinars etc. You may also sync your highlights on Kindle, which happens to be quite useful if you are an avid reader who loves to delve deep into the world of marketing.

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs SEO tool helps you optimize your search engines like no other. It helps improve content marketing skills & comes with amazing benefits, like title & description, canonical URL, word count, social tags, subheaders, headers & more. Ahrefs also helps you gather data about search results that are top ranking. Ahrefs SEO toolbar provides an efficient & proper breakdown so that you can accelerate all required changes that are related to SEO.

7. Impactana

Impactana comes in two categories: Buzz & Impact. Buzz helps you analyze all social media-related content that is best suited for your audience, while Impact gives you a detailed analysis of user engagement. This also includes views, clicks & comments. Impactana is also free of cost & is considered to be one of the best chrome extensions for SEO-related purposes.

8. WordTune

With the help of AI technology, WordTune is able to assess your work & create a clear & compelling style of writing. Although Google Search sees AI-generated content as spam, you can use this tool to improve & smoothen your writing style. By buying a free version, you will be able to write better suggestions & rewrites. Along with this, you’ll be able to make use of other features like smart paste, length & tone controllers, word finder, etc. You can get this for free or even get a premium account for 10 dollars.

8. Bitly

Every person who uses social media often or runs a business on Instagram/Facebook knows that using hyperlinks on posts & tweets can be a huge waste of character space. That’s where Bitly comes in. Bitly lets you shorten your URL & makes your tweets & copies look smooth. The shortlink can also be copied so that you can move ahead easily. You will be able to customize links with the help of UTM tags. Alongside, you can also custom branded domains in order to reap extra marketing benefits.

9. NoFollow

NoFollow helps marketers outline web pages. They are well coded and come with the metatag called nofollow. Since the links of NoFollow don’t ever add much to SEO metrics, customers can still find all web pages that could be backlinking to the indexed links & websites. In case you don’t need your pages to be indexed, NoFollow will check & see if the pages & coded correctly & also highlights any of the links that aren’t working well.

So that’s a look at some of the best extensions you can use in digital marketing. That will make both your work & life easier. These tools will streamline the entire process of research & hopefully improve your writing as well. Is there a chrome extension you like? Do mention in the comments down below. We would love to hear from you!