Ways to Maximize Your eCommerce Sales with Email Marketing

Customer relationships are the backbone of every business, especially for eCommerce. Ecommerce platforms need to build a proper communication channel to retain their potential customers. The main goal of an e-commerce business is to build a quality customer base that can purchase their product. A good connection with customers develops more interest and curiosity in your offers, products, and services. There are several ways to stay connected with your potential customers but email marketing is one of the oldest yet effective marketing techniques that remain popular as a lead magnet in the last decade.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase your eCommerce sales. The best part is that you can drive more sales at a low cost if you have a proper email marketing strategy. Email service providers are now using advanced spam filters. So, if you do not want to land your mail in a spam folder, you need to refresh your email marketing strategy regularly. In today’s blog, I have rounded up some effective ways to maximize your eCommerce sales through email marketing:

1. Build a strong customer base

Building a reliable and strong customer base is the first and most important step before you start emailing. It is very important to have a list of your potential customers that show interest in your product and a separate list of customers with whom you might have been dealing already. There are several ways to collect new contacts such as:

  • By Implementing a subscriber box on your website
  • By running a contest on your eCommerce
  • website, you can collect a large amount of potential customer data.
  • By running advertisement
  • By creating a pop-up window on your eCommerce website
  • Offering freebies is the most effective way to attract new customers.

2. Contact list management

Contact list management is a technique that every email marketer used to filter its contact list based on the previous mailing. According to Angela Beklemysheva, market researcher at Steelkiwi “a proper list management will increase the eCommerce sales exponentially. List management includes removing inactive email addresses, list segmentation, and separating hard & soft bounce. It is very important to monthly or weekly remove the inactive emails and add new ones. That will reduce your efforts and grow a more targeted list.”

Contact list segmentation is the process of dividing the email list into small groups. Contact segmentation will be based on user interest, buying habits, age group, gender, and many more. Recipients receive hundreds of mail per day, so if you send an email of their interest, you have a high open rate that will boost your sales.

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3. Send Customized email campaign

Email marketing gives you a chance to communicate with your potential customer directly or in a more personalized way. Customizing your email content according to the customer’s interest can increase the chances of purchase. You need to build an email that connects easily with the customers and their interests. You can also personalize your email campaign by using custom fields of first name, address, Date of birth, and many more in the subject line and body of mail. That significantly enhances the overall email marketing performance by improving open and click rate.

4. Mobile-friendly design

Most of the users now use mobile to check emails and also make purchases through mobile phones. According to Piyush Jain, Founder of Simpalm, Software development company for Startups “An eCommerce business needs to have a mobile responsive email design. Mobile-friendly email campaigns mean email templates must be responsive enough to provide the same user experience on Smartphone’s as it does on desktop. Your content should be easy to navigate on mobile and not needed to zoom in and out to see the content. If images and text in the email don’t adjust according to the screen size, it will affect the user experience and reduce the chance of a sale.”

5. Proper call to action

Your email should have a proper and clear call-to-action button that defines the purpose of your campaign. A call to action could be anything according to your goal. It may be pointing to your website to get traffic, pointing to social media pages to increase followers, making purchases through your online store, and many more. An effective call to action in your emails helps you to maximize sales.

6. Automated mails

Email automation is a function provided in the email marketing tool called an auto responder. Autoresponder allows you to send email automatically with helpful information when a predefined action is triggered. Most forms of autoresponder emails are welcome emails, thank you emails, and transactional mail. Autoresponder is also used to increase sales for the eCommerce business. For example: If someone in your email list has added a product to the cart but does not make a purchase, you can send them an autoresponder like a reminder of the product in the cart, Hurry up! Few pieces left and a list of similar products.


Investing funds in any marketing strategy is a difficult decision to make for business owners. Email marketing is the cheapest way when it comes to online marketing to reach your targeted audience. You only need an effective and well-planned marketing strategy. Collecting the right email subscribers, making proper list segmentation, and designing a perfect email campaign, will maximize eCommerce sales.