How Mobile Apps Can Be Helpful for Restaurants?

Technology has become foreordained part of our lives and businesses. Almost every industry is dependent on apps and websites to grow and serve their customers effectively. From the collection of fresh vegetables, dairy products, bread, and groceries, a long list of items is necessary to prepare an exquisite dish.

With the use of mobile apps, business owners can deliver the dish to the customer’s door and manage the supply chain effectively. Demand for restaurant-related apps like Grubhub, Uber Eats, Zomato Etc. is continuously rising. According to Statista’s research, the number of users for the food delivery app segment is estimated to be 1589.3m by the year 2024. With such enormous demand, more and more business owners find this the right opportunity to invest.

During this pandemic, when people are compelled to stay at home, these food delivery apps are helping restaurants and hotels to continue their service. Therefore, to build a customized and feature-rich mobile app, businesses in this industry can hire a mobile application developer with the required expertise and knowledge about the latest trends.

This blog mentions seven reasons that will make you realize how mobile apps can tremendously help in a restaurant’s growth.

7 Reasons for Investing in Mobile App Development

Deals Based on Location

If you are familiar with Beacon technology, you can expose yourself to many advanced features. The technology uses a device that sends push notifications to the customers who are around your location. Many restaurant owners are using this technology to attract and lure new customers by sending them messages regarding special discounts, offers, and special meals.

The Bookatable app has used this technology and sends notifications to users who are within a radius of 50 meters of the restaurant. Using Beacon technology, they were able to increase the number of users by guiding them to the right restaurant based on the physical proximity. Bookatable was able to fetch more customers for the participating restaurants.

More Effective Delivery Process

These enchanting applications eradicate the role of mediator, which keeps a copy and pen and then notes down your order. This conventional process involves time as you need to repeat everything and verify that the order is written correctly or not. The mobile applications save your time as you can easily place an order and it also offers you the option to repeat the same order.

Apart from this, you can check the status of your food as restaurant owners timely update the status as order accepted, food under preparation, and food is out for delivery, etc. You can track the delivery person’s location. Similarly, with the help of GPS, the delivery person can effortlessly find the delivery point.

Easy Access to Menu

Many websites like Foodlitter allow customers to place their orders using the online menu card. It provides convenience to users as they can place their orders effortlessly within a few taps on their device.

Customers can select restaurants according to their budget and preference. Additionally, it displays the various categories like South Indian, Continental, Indian, Chinese, etc., so that customers can easily find the dishes they are looking for. Some apps also provide you recommendations based on users’ previous orders or when customers do not check the menu correctly.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are helping restaurant owners accomplish two different things at the same time. They can retain their old customers by offering them special offers as per the frequency of their visits. At the same time, you can attract new customers by giving them discounts or extra benefits on their first five orders.

As per the research conducted, 65% of users install such apps to get the benefit of loyalty programs. Apps like Uber Eats and Grubhub are utilizing this opportunity successfully. These programs offer a more personalized experience to the user; hence, it is a more effective method than the traditional ones.

Answer to Their Every Query

To provide a satisfied and overwhelming experience to your users, you need to answer their queries. A mobile app is an impressive way to answer all your customer’s questions. Most of the questions asked by the customers are somewhat the same. Therefore you can answer them by utilizing the FAQ section.

Moreover, during food delivery app development, you can work on some fundamental features so that customers can use your app effectively and engage better with your service.

In this sequence, you can consider the below-mentioned pointers:

  1. In the trading section, you can add the days on which trading is not available.
  2. Make sure that customers can contact you within a tap without leaving the app.
  3. Link your address to Google and Apple map so that customers can easily navigate.

Online table Reservation

There is a wide range of mobile applications available in the market, which provides customers the ease to connect with their nearest restaurants and hotels. The app consists of all the required details to reserve the table. Many restaurants are connected online to accept the consumer’s request.

The app allows users to book the available slot and to check whether the restaurant has an open table or not. Hence, reducing the traffic congestion in front of restaurants. Restaurant owners maintain a database of customers and provide timely updates regarding discounts, offers, and attractive deals.

Reviews and Ratings

Nowadays, customers are free to share their experiences on food delivery apps such as Zomato, Yelp, Dine, Gayot, etc. The apps provide reviews and rating options of a particular restaurant after checking which customers place their orders—if your rating is high and reviews are good, then the chances of attracting more customers increases.

The restaurant owners can divide the feedback part into different options like what you like the most, the taste of the food, delivery service, packaging, etc. so that they can improve on the least picked service.

Concluding Thoughts

The utilization of mobile apps is not just limited to B2C. Using feature-rich apps, you can also manage your B2B activities like grocery, veggies, bread, etc. Timely delivery of these raw materials is vital for your food business, and apps allow you to track all these things effectively.

It is a giant chain of services that you need to manage for the growth of your business. Missing or unavailability of any main ingredient can lead to severe consequences for your restaurant. Therefore, investment in these apps can benefit you in multiple ways.

Author’s Bio

Brian Comel is a senior mobile app developer at the reputed company Sparx IT Solutions. He has the required skills and expertise in developing feature-rich mobile applications. Tom keeps himself updated with the latest changes and trends and shares his knowledge by writing informative blogs.