Best 5 Live Video Chat Applications for Your Web & Mobile Platforms

Given the growing relevance of digitalization, communication patterns have witnessed a significant change. Gone are the days when physical presence was essential for building meaningful business relations. Leveraging live video chat technologies can help you interact with your audience like never before. Live chat support has a plethora of benefits to offer which can help you gain a competitive edge over others. In this article, we shall be discussing all live video chat applications and their best providers.

Consumer and Business-Based Video Chat Software for websites – What’s the Difference?

You can use live video chat software’s for your business in two ways. One is consumer-based and the other is business-oriented. Let us discuss them one by one.

Consumer video chat – Serve your customers better!

Getting a live video chat app for your website can prove to be quite beneficial. It allows you to connect with your customers in real-time and offer them the best customer service and experience. Also, a live video chat helps you boost your sales process. There are options to customize the apps according to your business requirements. You can always automate the chat process best suited to your needs.

Business Video Chat – Ensure Effective Team communication

Business-based video chat software is specifically meant for communication within the team. It can be utilized by national or global businesses. A business-based video chat helps you connect with the key members of your company without any hassles. You can also leverage such software to maintain smooth communications with long-term customers.

Advantages of live Video Chat App for Websites

Do you want to reach the pinnacle of business success? The right implementation of live video chat apps can help you achieve your success goals. Let us dig into some of the best benefits of a live video chat app for your website.

Get a competitive edge over others

Enhancing customer experience and service can help you move up your business ladder. According to a report, 66% of the customers expect companies to comprehend their needs and expectations.  When customers are satisfied with your interaction techniques, they tend to engage with you for a longer period of time. Enhanced customer loyalty leads to growth in sales figures too.

Ensure a growth in sales level

Interacting with your customers face to face helps gain their trust and leads to better business credibility. Video chat support is one of the most effective ways to enhance customer satisfaction. And better customer experience, ultimately, results in more conversions. Hence, utilizing video chats can make way for improved sales levels.

Build better customer relations by offering personalized experiences

It’s common human behavior to appreciate personal care and attention. Customers like it when companies attend to their queries and issues in a personalized manner. When they get friendly live chat support to guide them through their obstacles, they are likely to engage more with your website. This, in turn, helps in building business credibility.

How to choose the best online Video Chat Software Provider for your business?

Effective communication strategies are essential for expanding your customer base. Live video chat is one of the customized ways to connect with your audience and build relations with them. Hence, it becomes highly important to choose your video chat software provider wisely. Here are some points that you can consider while selecting your provider.

Consider top-notch video quality

The video quality should be one of your top concerns while choosing your live video chat software provider. Good video quality ensures better customer satisfaction. Make sure that there are no video latency and video lag issues. Test the software before integrating it into your system.

Look for cost-effective options

It is important to perform decent research before finalizing any video chat software for your business. Invest some time skimming through various quotes. It helps you gain a better understanding of the fair price of the software suitable for you. Make sure that the software solution has the potential to drive the best ROI.

Search for value added features

There is no harm in desiring a little extra for your business. Try to look for a software solution that not only fulfills your live video chat requirements but also provides you with other branding scopes. You can search for a software solution that offers analytics. It further helps you monitor your communication strategies and address your loopholes.

Choose an easy to use video software solution

Go for a video chat solution that is easy to use and install. Hassle-free adoption should be one of your major priorities. It further helps in providing a better customer experience.

Ensure privacy and security

Privacy is one of the topmost concerns of customers these days. Hence, it is important to choose a chat software solution that ensures complete private and secured communications. Avoid data breaches for long-term relations with customers.

Ensure easy integration of live video chat app for your website

Make sure that adding live video chat to your website is easy. Different software providers have different integration processes. Choose the one which is easiest to add to your website. This ensures a fast setup and helps you start right away.

Which are some of the best online video chat app providers? – Know here

1. CONTUS MirrorFly

CONTUS MirrorFly is one of the best customizable video chat solutions that offer the best video call APIs and SDKs. it can run on iOS, android and web applications. Some of the best features of CONTUS MirrorFly chat solution are multi-member participation, video recording, video broadcasting, private chats, end-to-end encryptions and many more. With CONTUS MirrorFly, you can host unlimited webinars and seminars and experience the best remote collaborations.

2. Sinch

Get instant messaging SDK and chat API for iOS, android and web applications with Sinch. With easy integration and quick testing, Sinch can be your go-to video chat software provider. It supports personalized messaging, signaling Firewall, verification and many more. Integrate live video chat API for the website without hassles with Sinch.


Enhance your video experiences with Twilio. It helps you create real-time video apps. With a set of flexible APIs and SDKs for iOS, Android and JavaScript, Twilio can be your video chat software solution. Also, you get end-to-end encryption and ensure data privacy and security of your customers. Ensure high-quality connections, media control and recordings.


Agora video chat SDKs consist of cloud infrastructure and development tools that help build a reliable application. You can find end-to-end customization features and conduct real-time video conferencing, live streaming chat. With low latency, ease of use, and HD video call, Agora can be one of the best options for your business. Moreover, it is suitable for all types of internet connections.


There are various benefits of investing in live video chat software solutions for your business. It can help you take a step forward towards building an effective communication system with your customers. An efficient live video chat software for websites leads to better customer engagement, higher conversions and a boost in overall business sales. So, wait no more! Start your journey towards establishing smooth customer relations with live video chat.

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