7 Affiliate Marketing Trends to Watch for 2021

The digital marketing world is very dynamic and changes very rapidly. New technologies and platforms are launched every day, and the only way to keep up is to know the latest trends and updates.

The affiliate marketing world is not different, and it will continue to grow and evolve in upcoming years.

These are not the days when affiliate marketing was just considered a way to sell nutritional supplements. Today, it accounts for around 16% of all eCommerce sales and, by 2022, will be worth an estimated 8.2 billion dollars!

In the upcoming year, affiliate marketing could help business owners minimize costs while boosting brand awareness significantly. With 2020’s many challenges and a potential downward economy looming ahead, it may be prudent to invest in this strategy now before it’s too late.

Top Affiliate Marketing Trends To Consider

Shifting from third party cookies

Companies like Google and Apple have developed new policies to make cookies optional based on the visitor’s opt-in. By 2022, it is expected that it will remove third party cookies entirely from the web. 

Third-party cookies are primarily used to track the links in advertising and affiliate marketing. Companies provide a unique link to their affiliates. Then affiliate marketer promotes the URL, and with the help of cookies, both parties can track the conversions.

Hence, affiliate marketers need to come up with innovative ways to promote the products.

However, the first-party cookies provided by direct affiliate companies will not be affected by the latest update.

Voice search will make a significant impact

With the increasing adoption of intelligent devices such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and personal smartphone assistants like Siri, the market size of voice search is growing widespread.

With voice-activated devices becoming more popular, affiliate marketers need to rethink their marketing strategies to do the best with voice search. 

For example, a user is quite specific about their query when he types on a search engine. Whereas, when the user searches through voice commands, they are likely to speak conversationally. 

Hence, it is essential to understand how your audience speaks to search for the product you promote.

The mobile-first approach is a high priority

54% of internet traffic today is from mobile devices, and 64% of all Google searches are from mobile devices. But do you know what this means for marketers? 

If you want to make the best from affiliate marketing and creative content in 2021, you will need to produce more smartphone-friendly material.

Companies like Google have already made it mandatory to make websites mobile-friendly. For example, if your landing page is not mobile-friendly, the chances of text overlapping, slow-loading of images, and wrong placement of CTA buttons are high. 

So, to avoid wasting your money spent on ads, it is crucial to design mobile-friendly landing pages for better conversion.

Google’s latest core web vitals update also pushes for more mobile-friendly and faster-loading pages.

Native advertising will continue to grow.

Native advertising has always been an effective way to promote products for affiliate marketers.

Sharing relevant information on your web page is an effective tactic to get good conversions in affiliate marketing. 

Once you have crafted quality content, you can place native ads on your website to get better conversions from your existing audience.

Think beyond Google, Facebook, and YouTube

With continuous development in technology, there are many platforms available to promote affiliate products. One should think beyond popular platforms like Google, Facebook, and YouTube to promote their affiliate products. These platforms are highly crowded, and the chances of outranking your competitors are low.

With the increase in usage of mobiles, a lot of us tend to play games for a long time. Companies can make the best use of games to promote their affiliate products and create brand awareness.

Companies can also promote their products on AR and VR platforms as this space is still less crowded.

Many platforms are coming out each day, and even some new platforms are popular in specific locations. The critical parameter of success is to try and test your affiliate marketing on these platforms. 

Influencer marketing is getting bigger

Influencer marketing has seen a massive rise in popularity. Many people nowadays rely on online sources for information. 

They are more likely to trust endorsements from influencers who know what they’re talking about rather than celebrities promoting things without knowing anything about the product. 

Influencers may not be famous, but their word carries weight because of how knowledgeable they seem to be when explaining products or services based on their personal experiences, not just someone being paid by an organization.

If you plan to promote and sell your product through influencers, it is recommended to build relationships with them and offer free samples (if required). Also, try to have an adequate budget to test out different influencers in the industry.

AI will play a significant role

Affiliate marketers have to rethink how to promote their products in this new era of voice searches. Whether you’re using marketing collaboration tools or creating a voice-sensed affiliate market, the key is understanding your target audience and their expectations before it changes again with artificial intelligence taking over.

To perform this successfully, companies have to survey the users on how they speak and ask queries compared to their type in search engines. 

Let’s say, if a user is looking for a good bakery in their location, they may type “best bakery near me,” whereas if they want to search through voice command, they may ask, “what is the best bakery near me?” 

In short, the search queries become long-tail and high-intent. So, to gain more conversions in the future, affiliate marketers have to include these long-tail high intent search terms in their landing pages and sales copies.


In the affiliate marketing and advertising world, trends are constantly being updated. The trends that work today might not be relevant six months or a year from now. 

For this reason, it’s vital to have an effective marketing strategy with a variety of tactics, so you will be moving forward without feeling like you’re stuck in one way of doing things.

Let us know! How you plan to incorporate these new methods into your upcoming campaigns to stay ahead of the game and continue moving towards success for years to come.

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Ranjit is a freelance web developer and blogger at AppsTale, and he loves to write about actionable marketing strategies and valuable tools to grow your small businesses.