5 Efficient Steps to Refining Your Digital Marketing Campaigns in 2021

Due to the recent global events, many traditional forms of marketing have been restricted or even completely shut down. These new limitations led businesses to change the way they operate, often moving to the digital world as the most logical solution during these unprecedented times. Because of these restrictions and the customer bases now mostly being online, creating a good digital marketing strategy has never been quite as important. To that end, here are some ways you could refine your marketing efforts in 2021, in order to recover and grow your business:

1. Invest in your presence online

In recent times, people were forced to spend more time indoors, thus increasing their time spent online. This means 2021 is the ideal time to focus on your online presence, in an effort to attract and retain customers. To that end, it’s recommended to start with a well-designed website that focuses on a good user interface and user experience (UI/UX).

Then, it would be wise to invest in social media marketing campaigns that lead to and perfectly work with your website. Social media can be a great way to reach a wider audience, engage with your customers, and even increase website traffic and revenue, thus being quite an inexpensive and efficient marketing strategy.

2. Utilize Google Listings and SEO

Another way you could refine your digital marketing strategy this year is by focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is an efficient marketing strategy that will give you the opportunity to learn what your audience is searching for through keywords, helping to drive organic traffic. Optimizing your site will allow you to rank for relevant keywords, raising you to a higher position on Google search results, and helping you beat the competition.

It might also be wise to create and maintain a Google My Business page. As long as you verify it and keep it updated, this page will attract local customers, provide essential business information, and allow you to keep track of traffic.

3. Share contacts for email marketing

From regular newsletters to occasional promotional offers, email marketing is another efficient and cost-effective way you could improve your marketing strategies in 2021. In case you use Google for sending out business emails, you might want to utilize some helpful tools that will allow you to stay organized and on track.

For instance, you could choose to Share Google Contacts with anyone on your team using Gmail or Google Workspace using Shared Contacts for Gmail®, allowing you to have clean and updated contact lists that everyone can easily access, making email marketing and client communication via emails that much simpler and more effective. Shared Contacts will also allow you to segment your customer base and manage customer data more efficiently, while also improving your customer service and experiences, thus being quite a useful marketing tool overall.

4. Consider PPC marketing options

PPC or pay-per-click marketing is another great form of advertising that is used for driving traffic to your site by placing ads and paying a certain fee for each click you get on it. The most common platforms for PPC marketing currently are Google, Instagram, and Facebook Ads.

A great benefit of PPC marketing is that it gives you the opportunity to target your audience according to age, gender, location, and other detailed categories, meaning it might prove incredibly efficient. And although the initial investment in PPC might seem higher, you’ll likely see a quicker return on investments compared to more organic methods.

5. Think about video advertisements

Video content could be the key to digital marketing success this year. Videos have become an incredibly popular marketing strategy in recent years, with a large percentage of advertisers reporting that video content helped to increase website traffic, while a significant number of customers said it was video ads that led them to buy a product.

As video is such a noticeable and striking medium, it’s a wonderful option for interactive products, but it’s also great for how-tos, company clips, employee interviews, etc. For that reason, you might want to start by posting interesting and fun videos on your socials, and then continue including them in your digital marketing campaign if you notice increased views and engagement.

6. Focus on retaining old customers

For businesses that are struggling to thrive in an uncertain economy or to recover from recent global events, it might be wise to focus mostly on the existing customers. Not only is keeping your current customers base happy much more affordable than attracting new ones, but it will also allow you to acquire great relationships and an incredible brand reputation that will help you beat the competition.

This can easily be done through mobile marketing, by opting for loyalty incentives for app downloads and transactions, customized push notifications for existing app users, or even SMS newsletters and promos. As mobile interactions are a direct link between the brands and the customers, they help to deliver a more personalized marketing approach and a better result at retaining existing customers.

7. Optimize SEO efforts for voice search

While voice search has increasingly been gaining popularity in recent years, it seems like 2021 will be the year it truly takes off. As consumers used their smart devices more often while they were spending time at home during the pandemic, they became more reliant on their voice-enabled devices and were more willing to explore new features, including voice searches.

To keep up with this trend, you might want to try optimizing for voice search on engines such as Google, which can easily be done simply by selecting long-tail keywords that better reflect the manner in which consumers tend to ask questions. As voice search continues to rise in popularity, chances are high Google will prioritize the content that has successfully managed to meet these unique criteria, thus helping to improve your SEO marketing efforts.

Whether you incorporate some or even all of the above-mentioned tips, keep in mind that digital marketing is an evolving and fluid field, and the only way to achieve marketing success is by being proactive and willing to accommodate the ever-changing customer needs.