Do’s and Don’ts of Selecting a WordPress Theme

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your website is highly essential and daunting. Learn about the factors you need to consider when selecting a WordPress theme.

If you dive into the themes market of WordPress there are more than 10,000 free and premium themes available. It would take days to check all of them. So how would you narrow down your search to find the best WordPress theme for your website?

Well after developing your website, choosing the right theme is an important task. The theme you choose must give oomph to your copy while keeping it highly responsive and must load in the blink of an eye.

When innumerable themes are available in the pool, choosing the right one becomes a pretty challenging task.

Before purchasing a WordPress theme or hiring someone to develop a theme for your WordPress website, there are certain do’s and don’t of selecting a theme. In this post, we’ll be listing down those so make sure you read till the end to find the perfect theme for your WordPress website/

List of things you should consider when choosing a theme for your WordPress website

Make a list of features you want

Before you start looking for a theme, it’s essential you first determine which features you desperately need and without which you can survive.

The Feature Filter of WordPress makes this daunting task super-easy for you. You can easily customize your search. It allows you to search your theme based on particular features you want like translation ready, SEO-optimized, etc.

Before you start the hunt, prepare a design and keep that in your mind because that will make it much easier to visualize your site.

When talking about WordPress themes, keep it simple and minimalistic. In order to build a website from the ground up, the theme you select should only have elements that will assist you in achieving the objective of your website, not extraneous features that will bloat your theme, which takes us to our next point.

Avoid going for a bloated theme

The significance of this is that you do not want a theme that is overburdened with features, since this will only serve to disadvantage you in the foreseeable future. Although a theme with a lot of features may be appealing, it may have a negative impact on site performance. Make a conscious effort not to download and install every feature that catches your attention.

While sophisticated music players and gaming capabilities may be enticing, they may have a negative impact on the overall speed of the site.

Furthermore, developers often utilise code that they have discovered on the internet to implement these features, resulting in security flaws since they aren’t particularly concerned with keeping a site safe, but rather with fulfilling a certain purpose.

Plus avoiding bloated themes can also help to improve your sales conversion rate.

Hunt for a responsive theme

In its most basic form, responsive design involves making your website very user-friendly across a variety of devices, not just a laptop. Essentially, this implies that it is mobile-friendly and contains other important widgets and menus that are simple to browse. Look for characteristics such as flexible graphics that can be shown on devices other than desktop computers.

 A responsive WordPress theme is one that can be readily translated on a mobile device without even any hitches, as an example.

Consider the following scenario: you have chosen a theme that you like, but it is not as responsive and dynamic as you would like. A little amount of customization will be required on your part.

Keep the colour theme in your mind

Keep in mind that almost all of internet marketing relies on visual appeal, and using appropriate colours helps boost brand awareness. Matching the colour scheme of your logo is a good idea when you have a logo. To make things more interesting, use hints of colour here and there. It is extremely simple to change the theme’s colours and look using WordPress.

As a general rule, site visitors favour lighter-colored views. A gloomy website design is not always a “no,” but you should realise that you are reducing readability and making the website less appealing to the general public.

Consider purchasing a premium WordPress theme

When you are on a budget, using free themes may pose some problems. You run the danger of the theme not being updated, the theme creator, and lack of support leaving the theme.

Premium themes tend to be more dynamic, providing additional features and options than free ones, helping you differentiate from your competition.

Choose theme with readable fonts

This further elaborates on how to capture your website visitor’s interest so they don’t leave. Your aim is to simplify site navigation as much as possible for your visitors. Simplify your typefaces, but keep them classy and legible. Open Sans , Arvo, Josefin Slab, Vollkorn, and Lato, were the most recognized fonts on the world wide web in 2016.

Even though several free themes may be restricted in customisation, this is important to have in mind throughout your theme choosing process.

The theme should support WordPress plugins

We recommend using just WordPress plugins. WP plugins may be found on the internet in plenty. Plugins are required to include new functionality to your websites. If this is something you really want, then you must be absolutely certain that your selected theme is compatible with almost all WordPress plugins.

The above plugins are only a handful of the most popular plugins for WordPress, and they are required for every theme.

Test the chosen theme properly

Before deciding whether or not a new theme is efficient, you should first try it out by installing the Theme Check plugin to see whether your theme is compatible with current WordPress standards.

Be sure to check your website once you’ve finished with all of your changes and uploaded all of the material before revealing it to the public. Please ensure all of your pictures load correctly, go over your material to make sure it looks well on mobile, and reread everything to see if there are any errors.

We highly suggest buying a hosting service that offers staging environments and installing a child theme plugin are other things you should consider.

Where to find themes for a WordPress website?

Here’s a collection of several locations where you may get excellent WordPress themes:

  • Elegant Themes
  • Studio Press
  • Theme Trust
  • Theme Forest
  • Woo Themes

Essential takeaways

Perhaps this information can help you focus your search. What makes WordPress wonderful is that you have the ability to modify your theme should you want to in the future. If you’re interested in learning more about choosing the best WordPress theme, checkout all the above mentioned theme libraries to find your perfect WordPress.