6 Benefits of Using a White Label Video on Demand Platform

With the video industry booming, using a white label VOD platform can definitely help you nix third-party interference and make the spotlight all about your brand. White-label video streaming platforms work like every other platform but instead of building one from scratch, you get to use expert help in creating one suitable for your business.

Video on demand is a high potential revenue stream for businesses as the revenue in the segment is projected to reach USD 85 billion in 2021. The industry is also seeing a drastic rise in the number of users and is said to grow with a user penetration rate of 28.5% by 2025. 

What is a White Label Streaming Service?

In simple terms, it is a VOD platform without any branding. So, essentially, you can brand it as your own and the end user sees it as a part of your business rather than a third-party integration. 

You can customize a white label video platform to match your company’s branding and you don’t have to waste time and effort in building one yourself. For example, if you upload a video on YouTube, the user is either redirected to YouTube and can see YouTube’s media player and branding all over your content. But, in a white-label video player and platform, your brand is the highlight. 

The Rise of White Label VOD Platforms

White labeling is not new in VOD solutions. In fact, video players like JW Player, have been providing this service for a long time now. With more businesses opting for video-on-demand platforms for their content, the demand for white labeling VOD software has increased. 

From broadcasters, content creators to educational institutes and corporates are venturing into the segment. Their need for the best VOD streaming platform may vary based on the audience but the sentiment of personalization without the distraction of third-party details remains constant throughout. 

Benefits of Using White label Video on Demand Platform

By using a VOD platform provider, you gain a lot of benefits including industry-standard features that can help you be on par with the competition. Here are some advantages of choosing a white-label video platform:

  1. Professional Video Players

In the white-label VOD business, providers offer the best in industry technology for a smooth video streaming experience. From the UI, UX, to HLS Players, the experts know what they’re doing and provide the best integrations so that you can manage your content and provide the best experience for your audience. 

2. Brand Retention

By using white-label video on demand platform features you can customize it according to your brand. From the experience to the controls, brand logo, colors, and much more. This improves brand visibility and avoids distractions amongst the viewers. You can also build loyalty and give one-step access to videos for your customers. 

3. Ad-free Viewing

While VOD streaming in a third-party video player, there are chances that your users will have to watch ads for a free experience. Unless you’re willing to pay a premium to get rid of advertisements, those are part of your streaming experience. There are high chances that your competitors’ ads are running on your video content resulting in loss of clients, too. 

4. Get Complete Control

In a white-label service, you get to customize and personalize the VOD platform to suit your needs. You can also control the access of your content, monetization, experience, and other criteria that will help build your business and attract customers. With such control, you can always focus on improving the experience and quality as well.  

5. Quality is in Your Hands

While many free VOD platform hosting services give you an avenue to post your content, you’re at the mercy of such providers. They can reduce the streaming quality, take down your content for community violations without notice, and much more. With your own platform, you can control the quality and content of your video. 

6. Monetization of Videos

When you choose a white-label video platform, you can check for monetization models that they offer. This is a way of earning revenue without having to pay commission or having a percentage cut on such income. You can choose to place ads, start a video subscriptions platform, and other forms of monetization for your content. 


If you’re planning to enter the VOD streaming platform to improve your business and increase revenue and customers, choose a white-label service. It saves you a lot of hassle involved in starting from scratch. Look for a guide to choosing the right white label VOD platform to make an informed choice.