Why Your Education Platform Needs a Video CMS

Well, video has been taking over every platform from social media to education. According to Statista, about 85% of US internet users watch online videos. In the education field, many teachers and institutes have been trying to weave videos into the curriculum for many years.

By using videos, they are able to retain student attention and make things easier to teach. Thus, having a video CMS in education is not just handy but also beneficial in the long run. Let’s see how.

What is Video Content Management in Education and How It Can Help You

With the pandemic situation, many educational institutes have been forced to adapt to video platforms for education. This has increased the demand for a good content management system (CMS) to effectively manage all their content.

A software or application that effectively allows to manage education video content—upload, store, organize and distribute—is called CMS for video streaming.

By choosing the right CMS for videos on-demand, you can get these benefits:

●      Store and Upload Heavy HD Video Files

A video of one minute can effectively convey what an entire chapter of a book does in 10 pages. However, quality videos take up a lot of space and can be over 50MB sometimes. Uploading these heavy files and then streaming them requires a lot of support. With the right CMS, this should be an easy task including bulk upload.

●      Better Video Delivery

As the potential for learning from anywhere grows, the type of devices a student uses also changes. Device compatibility, different formats of videos, encoding, and more are factors that get involved in distributing or streaming educational videos. Thus, having a powerful CMS can cover all these aspects as well.

●      Optimized Search Functionality

As the video content in your library grows, they can easily get lost in the sheer number of videos on your online video education platform. Thus, having a search mechanism or a simple search box can do wonders for your program. Indexing videos, creating playlists for users and user-created playlists can enhance the engagement and delivery of your videos.

Why is CMS for Video Content Important in Education?

●      Better content management

You can easily upload, store, organize and stream videos without worry. Video on-demand content management systems are effectively designed to provide utter ease in managing all things video from the very step of uploading it to the system to the delivery quality and compatibility.

●      Simplicity

An educational video content management solution is easy to use without requiring great skills in technology or the likes. Some are designed to benefit the needs of different organizations and adapt to the learning patterns, procedures, and more.

●      Security

Educational video content management services offer excellent security against piracy. One of the key factors to employ a CMS is that it ensures there are encoding and DRM facilities to safeguard your content and ensure privacy.

●      Complete control

You can customize a CMS and organize your videos, restrict users, allow playbacks, and limit access as per your convenience. It makes it easy to have complete control of how your videos are distributed and who can see them.

Benefits of using Content Management System in Education

●      Acts as a Centralized Platform

Instead of having different systems for all the classes in your school, it is easy to place all the data in one place. It makes it easier for students to access them as well as can stream it from any place they want. You can also store assessment results, student data, and more in one place.

●      Effective Communication

Educational video streaming services can encourage communication between students, teachers, and parents effectively through one portal. It can also give insights into the learning calendar, tests, scores, and overall progress of each individual student.

●      Different Assessment Options

From quizzes at the end of a lesson to online tests, you can enable a diverse set of assessment options in different formats. As a bonus, assessment results can be immediately tracked after the tests are done. This boosts retention of knowledge and shows how well a student has grasped the topic.

●      Opportunity for Feedback

Teachers can provide valuable feedback and document the same in an LMS system. This allows it to be tracked while parents can see the progress their child is making in their learning.

●      Easier Transition to Remote Learning

With an online CMS, it is easy to take learning home. E-learning has seen great strides after the outbreak of the coronavirus. Thus, if a school or institution needs to start remote learning, a CMS can handle the transition with ease.


While implementing a CMS may seem a pricey affair, the system saves thousands of dollars in the long run. It helps your organization be organized, efficient and saves time and effort that goes into running a successful video platform for education. It also adds to the growth by allowing you to effectively adapt to the changes in the e-learning platform.