How to Increase Employee Satisfaction in Your Company

There’s an old saying that a business is only as good as its people. Modern-day businesses and corporations have many concerns, but most of them focus on staff retention, productivity and engagement, all of which depend greatly on building and improving job satisfaction in employees. When employees are satisfied at work and their needs are met, they will build loyalty and develop positive opinions about the company. Similarly, when employees are not satisfied with their job, they won’t give their 100% and deliver their best work. So how can you boost employee satisfaction in your company? 

Provide flexibility

When employees have control and responsibility over their time and actions, they will know you have trust in their skills and character, which will definitely boost satisfaction. Today, employees also value work/life balance more than ever before, so flexibility is key to satisfaction at the office. Empowering workers with flexible schedules and work modes (in-office, remote, hybrid) and giving them an opportunity to telecommute is a huge step towards satisfaction. You can also address the stress of daily commute by allowing staff to come in or leave earlier or later. 

Give feedback

Employees love feedback and it’s critical for work satisfaction, but many managers don’t know how to give it. If you don’t provide any feedback to employees, they will be unsure of their performance and the effort they are investing in. Since humans are all different, managers need to master feedback providing tricks. When you master this skill, the positive effects of feedback in the workplace will be more than visible in building trust, satisfaction and motivation. 

Minimize micromanagement

You need to achieve the balance between supporting your team and micromanaging their every move. According to research, managers who persistently micromanage their workers and insist on making all the decisions just “because they have the authority” create a negative work environment and culture that results in low motivation, minimal innovation, and high staff turnover. 

Create a good work environment

It’s natural to have unsatisfied employees when they have to constantly use sub-standard facilities, endure slow service, work on insufficient software and hardware or drive unsafe company vehicles. If you notice any staff complaints on the work environment, deal with them swiftly to engage employees and boost their perception of their office. Make sure to pay special attention to safety and regularly invest in company fleet maintenance and car insurance to ensure safety and comfort. If your employees commute to work, you can help them with paying their personal car insurance premiums, especially during this trying time of the pandemic. 

Focus on employee health

While one’s health used to depend only on the individual, due to significant cost to the employer, today it lies with businesses to do something and boost employee health. Work stress alone costs healthcare systems around the world billions of dollars and causes health concerns like hypertension, gastrointestinal issues and mental health issues that can result in absenteeism and reduced performance. So organizations that support employee health with materials and seminars and ensure their staff takes regular breaks, has kitchen facilities at their disposal, and has healthy food choices, as well as gym memberships and support for rehabilitation and weight-loss can achieve better company work satisfaction. 

Reduce bureaucracy

As your business grows, many processes have to comply with standards and changes. This might result in frustration and time-wasting as employees need to wait on bureaucracy and red tape. Consider is it really important to personally approve every action and see whether your processes can be streamlined, automated and assisted by the implementation of various systems and digitalized HR processes. You might also consider providing a centralized communication channel for easy and fast collaboration. Minimizing bureaucracy can relieve stress and anxiety, boost productivity and boost employee satisfaction. 

Train your employees

Having employees who strive for more and want to improve their careers is good for the company, so support their efforts by offering training, up-skilling and mentoring. This will not only boost their performance but also enhance their job satisfaction and engagement. You will have happier employees and staff with additional skills and expertise they can offer to your company. 

Reward success

Knowing that employee performance and success is recognized and valued can do wonders for job satisfaction, so deploy recognition processes. These can be company-wide intranet announcements, newsletters for employees or staff meetings to celebrate hard work. You might also consider small yet significant gifts and perks like vouchers, free days, ad-hoc gifts or parking privileges. If you set achievable targets your employees can strive for, you will notice better results and better job satisfaction. 

There’s no better way to create a productive, innovative and engaged workplace than to have satisfied staff. By implementing these small changes to your work processes and management styles, you will boost employee satisfaction and benefit from many long-term improvements, so see what you can do for your employees today.