Mobile App Development Trends That You Should Follow In 2022

With notable transformations in the mobile app development world, it has become essential than ever to keep up with the latest trends to fulfill user expectations. The technological advancements in the mobile app sector have compelled app developers and app owners to always remain ahead in competition in terms of recent trends & ideas.

Moreover, mobile app evolution has changed how we perform our daily tasks, whether household or professional. And due to fierce competition in this field, users expect a more robust and seamless experience when it comes to mobile app usage.

The mobile app demand post-Covid has expedited immensely as the need arises. In the 2021 3rd quarter, smartphone users installed nearly 27.6 billion mobile apps from Play Store. This figure will undoubtedly increase in the coming years.

The latest mobile app trends focus particularly on enhancing user engagement, experience, and retaining them. Henceforth, these new trends will incorporate cutting-edge technologies to deliver an incredible user experience.

We have listed a list of app development trends that will totally rock your mobile app in the year 2022. You can definitely implement a few trends that best suit your app to satisfy your customers and grow your brand image.

1. Foldable Devices

Foldable devices have made quite an entry in the year 2019 with a few devices namely, Huawei Mate X, Motorola Razr, and Samsung Galaxy Fold. These foldable phones enlarge or compress the phone’s screen size as per the user’s choice. For instance, the user can unfold the screen to play a game and flip it back to call someone.

The aim is to adjust the mobile app to the screen’s expansion and compression. Mobile apps should smoothly adjust to the user’s screen preferences.

As per sources, nearly 3 million foldable devices were shipped in 2019, and this figure is likely to hit 50 million devices by the year 2022.  Foldable devices will see a boom in the upcoming years; hence this trend would become indispensable to follow.

2. Wearable Devices

The coming year will also witness immense growth in wearable app development. Wearables are handy, easy to use, and personalized. Even today, wearables are a hot and popular device, which is why mobile app development for wearable is a trend today.

In the upcoming year, more applications will be developed, keeping wearables in mind. App users can install tons of mobile apps directly from their wearable devices. For instance, Apple Watch has become super popular in the past couple of years, and it’s only a matter of time that users will prefer operating their wristwatch more than the actual mobile.

3. Blockchain Technology

In the past few years, blockchain has been on a constant rise. Several mobile apps, such as Bitcoin, DodgeCoin, etc., have been built using this powerful & secure technology. Since data misuse has been of severe concern to the users, this robust technology solves these issues with its decentralized databases.

Mobile apps using this tech are end-to-end encrypted, securing the data with no individual able to modify the data. Hence, blockchain has a bright future with the ability to render secure digital transactions and keep users’ confidential information safe.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

AI & ML have invaded the mobile app development world several years back. However, experts have just begun to use this advanced tech to its full potential.

The term AI usually rings a bell when we hear about the well-known virtual assistants, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri. However, this cutting-edge tech goes way beyond such voice-based technology. For instance, facial recognition, speech recognition, emotion recognition, recommendation engine, predictive analytics, and more have come into the picture in recent years.

In 2022, AI will likely make a major breakthrough in areas, such as cybersecurity, language recognition, automobiles, data analytics, etc.

Moreover, AI will help app developers examine user behavior and gather profound insights about what they like. They will learn about users’ buying behavior, search history, and several other data, helping them to improve their experience.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things has been famous for quite some years now, with a growing number of devices worldwide and the chance to explore more advancements in the mobile app field. IoT in app development has become popular and led to the enhancement of smart gadgets.

You can use these applications to control the gadgets enabled with IoT, such as air conditioners, coffee-maker, doors, refrigerators, etc. Long story short, IoT-based applications can significantly help users make their Sweet Home- “Smart Home.”

The Internet of Things market is projected to hit USD 264 billion in 2022, of which USD 190 billion will come from IoT-based mobile applications.

6. 5G Tech

5G tech has been for a couple of years now, and several businesses have already implemented 5G to render user experience. But in 2022, 5G will become the new normal as it will be incorporated in almost all smart devices and will be made mobile app-compatible.

5G tech is created to enable applications with AR, VR, high-quality video streaming features. Moreover, app developers can create top-notch mobile solutions to improve business performance by leveraging 5G to develop & design remarkable features.

7. Cloud-based Apps

Cloud computing services rose significantly from 2019 to 2020, from USD 227.8 billion to USD 266.4 billion. Using cloud technology, you can store and access information rapidly & securely due to its flexible and scalable features. Moreover, with the help of this tech, it has become possible to build cloud-based mobile apps like Dropbox, AWS Cloud Solution, SlideRocket, etc.

As per sources, 83 percent of business volumes will be based on cloud technology. Hence, if you plan to develop an app for your business, this technology is something you might want to incorporate.

The Endnote

With the ever-evolving technological advancements and consumer demands, it is crucial to keep an eye on digital transformations. If you have a unique app idea, or already have an app, it would be helpful to be updated on the upcoming trends to thrive in the existing competition and stand apart.

Most importantly, keep in mind to only implement those technologies that will actually be suitable for your specific mobile app.