Build an App Like Swiggy to Launch Meal Delivery Business Online

The online meal delivery system has gained huge popularity with each passing day. Meal ordering apps similar to Swiggy, Foodpanda, and many more are providing fresh food delivery services to the customers. Changing customers’ preferences has uplifted the usage of meal delivery services and allows food lovers to order meals at their convenience.

Swiggy, the Indian food delivery startup raises around $500 million in a new financing round which has increased the company’s value by $10 billion. The convenient access to the services made the customers prefer a meal ordering and delivery app like Swiggy. The online meal delivery services are increasing the option, it enables customers to order food from a wide range of options available. 

Overview of Food Ordering and Delivery Business

Swiggy has closed a $1.25-billion fundraise. It has marked the investment, this takes the valuation of the Bengaluru-based startup up from 50%. The valuation has increased from $3.6 billion to $5.5 billion. The meal delivery platform long-term investor has participated in the current round. The GPS-based dashboard allows customers to stay up-to-the-date with their order status. 

With a $3.3 Bn valuation, Swiggy has a dominant market share both in the number of delivery and revenues. Swiggy has completed 500 Mn delivery orders in October, the number has exceeded the target of 360 Mn. The burn rate of the company was around $47Mn during the forecasted period. 

Swiggy is bigger than the other competitors and covers around 60% of the revenue share. The food ordering and delivery business of Swiggy have reached around a certain size and generate greater revenue. 

Most delivery brands are investing in new areas of growth, they are delivering all the daily essentials like groceries, fresh fruits, and more. Swiggy has recently launched Swiggy Go to provide quick pick-up and drop-down service to its customers across the cities. 

In today’s time, where convenience is the crucial thing that each and every customer is looking for. The widespread sector has started to enjoy the benefit of the increasing popularity of smart devices. Technological degradation has changed people’s dining habits due to effective services provided by most meal ordering and delivery brands. Most restaurants and delivery giants are moving and investing in meal delivery business models to attract consumers. 

Tying up with Online Market: Guide Aggregators Must Follow to Build an App Similar to Swiggy

In today’s modern world, customers are provided with wide choices and options. A wide range of food ordering and delivery startups with great cuisines makes it convenient for customers to order, make payments, and get their meals delivered at their doorsteps. Easy-to-order app similar to Swiggy makes the process faster and has made food lovers’ life trouble-free. 

The online meal ordering and the delivery trend are undoubtedly here to stay for a longer time. However, advanced mobility solutions similar to Swiggy have boosted the revolution in the meal ordering and delivery segment. 

Swiggy’s Instamart, a grocery delivery service has crossed 2 million transacting users. The platform delivered daily essentials within 15 to 30 minutes. The company has expanded its service to more than 300 cities across India intending to scale up its vertical. 

Entrepreneurs are using a meal ordering and delivery app like Swiggy to automate their business and satisfy the growing demand of the market systematically. The digital solution provides you with all the features and functionalities that open new ways to heat your meal ordering and delivery services. 

It helps to stand unique and maintain better relationships with the customers, helping to operate a business systematically. Explore the whole guide that helps you build an app similar to Swiggy. 

Market Research

You have to perform deep market analysis to start a business similar to delivery giant Swiggy. Check which business model is followed by the brand, what is the workflow of its system, know technological aspects, and more. All deal and complete all legal procedures to avoid further issues. 

Mobile App and Website Development

In today’s era of mobility, you must have a business app and website. You can hire developers or can take support from a development company to build an app like Swiggy that helps you deliver your meal ordering and delivery business services online. Ensure to include all features and functionality that help in offering personalized delivery service to customers. 

Secure Payment Options

Offering a secure payment is one of the crucial factors for all businesses these days and the delivery business is not the exceptional one. You can provide multiple payment options to customers, it will help you to develop a strong relationship with your ideal customers. 

Swiggy has also partnered with banks to roll out hassle-free digital payment solutions for its partners. The company enables customers to make payments using various ways including cash, credit/debit cards, PhonePe, and many more. 

Develop Marketing Strategy

A branded app and website will definitely help you drive the desired traffic. But what if your customers don’t know about the same. Hence it becomes crucial for you to develop an effective marketing strategy that helps you create awareness. Go with online as well as offline promotion, also offers discounts and coupons to drive more customers. 

Customers find it more convenient to order using an app similar to Swiggy rather than driving long to a restaurant and standing in the queue. Looking at the growing opportunities online business offers, most entrepreneurs are choosing to develop an app that functions similar to Swiggy. 

If you’re thinking to start with the same then consider the above-listed points, but you also need to understand that it doesn’t end here, there are much more factors that you need to consider. 

Advantage and Cost of Launching App Like Swiggy

There are numerous advantages that you can enjoy by choosing to create an app like Swiggy, these includes:

  • Boost ordering and delivery process;
  • Improves business leads and profits
  • Helps to satisfy customers needs by providing the excellent service
  • Personalized experience

The cost to develop an app similar to Swiggy depends on various factors. Want to know those factors then check the complete list right here:

  • App complexity;
  • Features and functionality included;
  • Technology and platform selection;
  • App design.

There are many more factors that affect the development cost. If you’re planning to develop a mobility solution then you can get exact quotes from developers or app development companies. But before jumping to the cost, you need to identify your business requirements as it will help you to know what you want to include in your meal ordering and delivery app. Identifying your customers and business needs can sum up or decrease the development cost. 

Wrapping It Up

The online ordering and delivery market is experiencing great transformations in recent years. An app like Swiggy has gained huge popularity among users as it enables them to order food and get their meals delivered conveniently. Hence developing an app similar to Swiggy can provide you with numerous advantages and help you to stand out in the competition. Make sure your branded solution has an impressive design, features, and is easy to navigate.