Live Inspired Magazine was founded because we wanted to touch that life that seems to have lost hope and they are at the verge of giving up all they have worked hard for since they were born. In the present day society, there is a need to keep people in check to ensure that their mental health is at par. There is an acute increase in depression and suicidal cases in this time and age. Most people are not ready to open up to people, the only solution, therefore, is to talk to them generally, and when they are prepared to confide in us, we will help. We don’t just deal with mental health but counseling psychology in general. You want to have a next to perfect relationship with your partner or your workmates and people in general; this is the blog to read.

We have a team of trained counseling psychologist who help us to the counseling bit of the feedback we get from our readers who are in need of help. We are lucky to have psychologists who are writers so there is no worry about your information reaching people you did not think they’d know of your problem.

The founder of is a mental health warrior who healed thanks to writing. He had issues of his own, but when he took a pen and paper to write, he forgot about all the problems he was facing at that time. That tells you why you need not to give up. You never know what in store for your life. Trudge on, forgive yourself and seek help in a way that you will be comfortable with. Had he given up, we would not be reading this today. Be the warrior so that we can celebrate you some day.