Things You Should Be Aware of When You Accept Contract Work

As a contractor, freelancer, or otherwise self-employed, income-bearing activities are at the top of your to-do list. However, you must also pay attention to other issues. Contractors must keep an eye on legal matters, financial responsibilities, and other administrative tasks to keep their businesses afloat. How can you prioritize these duties to avoid problems? Here […]

Why Employee Recognition Still Matters in the Workplace

Having satisfied employees will improve productivity and overall success. Employee recognition is still a major component of satisfaction and retention. It’s important to recognize your employees for their hard work. You want them to feel appreciated and motivated in their jobs. Employee recognition can help with this task. Yet, it’s not always easy to get […]

Leading B2B Payment Trends That Every Retailer Should Follow

Modern businesses are becoming increasingly sophisticated thanks to hi-tech payment methods and the means of transaction. These days hardly any businesses make payments through paper checks. All kinds of electronic transfers are fast replacing both cash and paper checks for business transactions. In spite of this, many business-to-business transactions are still clinging to old-styled payment […]