Tips for Aligning Technology and Digitization for Better Business Results

Emerging technology is likely to play a critical role in improving the business standards, the life of people and contributes a major share to the global economy. Today, no business sector is immune from the wave of technology and digitization. Every business is trying to implement cutting-edge technologies to streamline business workflow and boost profitability. […]

Software Development and Security: Insights into Overcoming Challenges

Cybersecurity or software development – which of the notions is a top priority in the minds of IT specialists today? Evidently, it is the wrong question to ask. These concepts are closely intertwined since, when designing software, the first thing the developers should focus on is security issues. At first, security measures were associated with […]

The Pandemic Has Altered The Course of Cybersecurity

The corona pandemic has created a tremendous effect on businesses across the globe. The information technology, which was based on their cloud systems, departmental servers, data centers, and digital devices their remote staff used to connect to one another and the company’s data, is not more crucial. The need for digital infrastructure has peaked overnight.  […]