What is online marketing? Effective online marketing channels you should prioritize today.

We’re living in the digital eras where new technology is increasingly developing. The internet and computer are indispensable things in our life. Along with the development of digital media, the marketing strategy has changed day by day. Online marketing has become a trend in marketing for business today. So what is online marketing? What are […]

Top Video Calling Apps for Android Phones

People all over the globe can immediately communicate, bridging the distance via voice calls, texts, and emails. With front-facing cameras being touted by the debut of smartphones, a slew of programs for video-chatting soon found their way. Lately, new messaging apps have emerged to deliver rich services that offer all sorts of interactions with others, […]

Great Examples of Clever Crowdsourcing Campaigns in the Era of Empowered Consumers

There are few things as fearsome as the empowered consumer. The unbridled weight of the modern, enlightened individual has pushed previously dominant companies to shift their priorities and focus on things like environmental concerns, fair labor practices, and social justice as a whole. This hasn’t simply been businesses adapting to a changing marketing landscape, either. […]