9 Chrome Extensions For SEO

If you are a marketer, you know how much SEO matters right now. People look online whenever they have to search for something, & since Google has around 90% of people across the world using it for search, marketers spend a lot of time optimizing this daily. This doesn’t just save time but also makes […]

Killer Secrets of App Store Optimization for Mobile Apps in the Year 2020

Ask yourself this particular question, how do people discover new apps which are published in the app store? Well… research indicates that more than 51% of people follow recommendations from other people whom they trust such as their friends, family, colleagues, business partners, etc. While the remaining 48% discover new apps by exploring them in […]

What is online marketing? Effective online marketing channels you should prioritize today.

We’re living in the digital eras where new technology is increasingly developing. The internet and computer are indispensable things in our life. Along with the development of digital media, the marketing strategy has changed day by day. Online marketing has become a trend in marketing for business today. So what is online marketing? What are […]