Here are some of the helpful resources that you may find relevant. They are materials related to the art of psychology and a few self-help guides that can help people especially if you are shy by nature.

Online Therapist

This to many will seem like a dream come true. No one wants to physically meet someone so that they can tell them their problem because of many fears. Fears of betrayal, fears of non-confidentiality, fear of the person not helping out even after talking to them for hours. With all these fears, comes a solution to that; an online therapist. One beautiful thing about this is that you don’t have to disclose your real names, pseudonyms are highly welcomed if you are not comfortable with people knowing your real names. Here, you get almost instant help. You also open up more unlike in a tete a tete scenario. We trust that most of you will be glad to have discovered the existence of such a website.


Who Videos on Mental Health

The World Health Organization saw it prudent to come up with the following videos that advocate for mental health. With the rise of depression among people, being in charge of health this was a noble idea from them.

Articles on Mental Health From a World-Class Institution

The following are resourceful articles on mental health from the Harvard Medical School that are have basically highlighted the various instances in which something qualifies to be mental health and have tried to elucidate on the same.

Journals on Mental Health

Scholars such as Simone Honikman, Sujit D Rathod, Charlotte Hanlon, and Rahul Shidhaye researched mental health and came up with the following academic paper showing that there exist people suffering from depression in the rural parts of India. These are their findings on the depression.